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What is History? 

History is the study of the past

Why do we learn History? 

Learning history helps us to understand how people in the past lived and how past events shape our lives and the lives of others today. It also helps us to understand how historians find out what happened in the past. 

 At Park Hill, we want to take our children on an inspiring journey back through time, starting with their own and their families' experiences in EYFS where they secure an understanding of the concept of the past, all the way back to Ancient civilisations and even as far back as the Stone Age in Key Stage Two.  Through  the study  of History, we aim to equip our children with the knowledge of some  of the most important historical events and the contributions that significant individuals have made from the past; at local, national, and international levels that have shaped our lives today as well as a disciplinary understanding of the work of  historians.

In addition to teaching our children about the achievements and follies of humankind,  this area naturally lends itself to highlighting and promoting  Park Hill School values of:

Community, Equality, Respect, Compassion, Aspiration and Resilience as well as British values.


History Statement

History Curriculum Overview

history curriculum overview 2024.pdf

history progression map.pdf

 History at Park Hill