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Park Hill Primary

Healthy Living Inspire 

Year 1 Healthy Inspire Workshop





It was useful to attend the workshop. Thank you

Really interesting and informative - I enjoyed the workshop. Very interesting. The internet information is useful and I will be making use of it at home.

The workshop helped open my eyes to how to keep  safe on line. We enjoyed the activities and will definitely be implementing them that at home.

Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop learnt alot, and so did my child. Very useful.

I have really enjoyed the workshop. It was nice spending time with my child one to one to see what they are learning at school.

Lots of useful and varied information. We also use Cosmic Kids Yoga on youtube. It would be great to get more pupils to junior park run.

Good workshop enjoyed the activities with my son and found it very useful. Thankyou. Looking forward to more workshops

Enjoyed this workshop a lot of positive interest in calming down. Hope to see more of these workshops.

It was very interesting and helpful information for our children. Their safety, I think now they can play safetly on line.

Today's workshops was really good. This is my 3rd Healthy Living workshop and all are so different i'm impressed how well my child  knows how to keep herself safe online and understanding her feelings. Well done Year 1 team

The workshop was amazing all the children enjoyed it, they learned how to keep themselves fit and  healthy and how to do exercises to keep themselves fit.

Very interesting and useful workshop, covered a lot of stuff. Really enjoyed the exercises and oneline safety was very good.




Year 3 Healthy Inspire Workshop 






I really enjoyed the workshop getting involved and having fun with the children seeing the children smiling and having fun and being active.

Brilliant workshop! Thank you, loved the fruit platter.

Would be good to have a few simple recipes.

We enjoyed the workshop. Especially the singing.

Just attended a Healthy Living Workshop for my daughters class and I must say that  it was very interesting and full of fun. I hope there will be more workshops organised as it helps a lot as a parent to get more and more information to interact with our children.

I really enjoyed this workshop and it was very interesting.

Thoroughly enjoyed the workshop! excellently distributed by the teaching staff. Well done year 3 teaching staff another brilliant workshop.

It was fantastic to work alongside my daughter, lovely.

Very informative and engaging! Muchos Gracias!

We found the session very helpful and will start doing some of the activities at home.

The workshop was amazing. The teachers showed us various ways to be active and relax our minds. It was great.

It was really useful and relaxing. I hope we do physical activities every day.

This workshop was very informative - fun and we had a laugh throughout learning.  We enjoyed it a lot. Parents had some stress free time.

Thank you once again for an amazing workshop. I learnt a lot of new things from all the different workshops across the year groups. We love how you make them enjoyable.

I really enjoy workshop with children. I also enjoy exercise.


Year 4 Healthy Inspire Workshop 





Always enjoy workshops with my child. Great Interaction  very informative. Great school, great year 4 team.

Thank you very much for such a lovely active workshop. It was fun.

Great information and great ideas. Many thanks.

It was a very fun workshop. Looking forward to using the alphabet workouts at home.

Thank you for a very interesting and active workshop.

Its good for learning about healthy lifestyle. Its good for kids to learn healthy daily routines.

It was good just to make the kids aware of choices that they could be doing with their time to benefit their health but also their state of mind.

I am very happy with Park Hill School I am proud that my child is part of this school.  I would highly recommend to anybody. A big thank you all Park Hill teachers for giving my son such a great start in his life. He has progressed so well. Thank you for all your hard work.

Given the importance of mental health surrounding children a session on mindfulness alone would be beneficial. Great all round session.

I think it is a great idea. I really enjoyed the mental health and mindfulness information. Some of the phyiscal health was a little bit basic for me personally.

Today was really fun something different, Miss King and Miss Brown did a fab job you should do more of these healthy living workshops.

Thank you so much for giving us this special time to work with the teachers and our child, it shows how much they get support to eat healthy and live healthy.



Year 2 Healthy Inspire Workshop 





The workshop was very good and informative. We had fun! Thank you.

 Amazing workshop with a lot of information given. Really enjoyed it and learnt a lot from the session

I loved the healthy workshop so much it was very helpful. Especially the age children had to be to go on Apps on the E-safety quiz. Thank you

 Very good, interesting workshop its good to learn about healthy living. I will try to do all the exercises. Thanks

 Very enjoyable workshop quite surprised to know that you can access facebook at the age of 13. I thought it was 18.

 Really informative workshop, it got us thinking about how we can increase our daily exercise.

 Is very useful, worth attending it.  Thank you

 I found the workhshop very informative and will use what I learnt at home.  Not to use ipad toomuch to, more exercise.

 Session was very good. Got to learn about how long children have to work out.

 Workshop was very interesting. I will talk to my children about what I have learnt. Mindfullness will help to relax them when they get very loud.  I think all the workshops help parents to understand what the child is learning in school.

 The workshop was very helpful for children and for us. Thank you so much for working hard with our children.

 I found the workhshop informative + feel its important to learn about childrens mental health + exercise.

 Really pleased with this workshop it has helped me understand more about healthy bing and to help my child with beinga ctive, and more careful and understanding.

 Thank you for an amazing workshop. We learnt lots of new things. I think its great the school has held these workshops for parents and kids. It's already help my children so much.

 I strongly believe that more exericse, eating healthy is the corner stone to a healthy generation. Supporting parents is a great step to achieve this goal. Thank you so much.







Year 6 Healthy Living Workshop   -






I've had a fantastic workshop with my daughter today. Really enjoyed the Bodycoach 'Joe' work out.  This will be our last workshop together.

Really enjoyed the workshop, learnt about healthy eating and how to better my child.  Fun exercise.

I learnt that my children are online to long! I shall be cutting down the hours - very informative.

Thankyou, very informative maybe you could provide healthy recipes as well!

Very good workshop I enjoyed learning about Healthy living and I will use the tips with my son.

It was fantastic and gave lots of information about physical activity and mental well being. Thanks

Fantastic opportunity to bond, learn with my neice, would like this to continue.

It's really good to learn about healthy living. I would like more of these workshops.

Brilliant to do the exercise and mindfulness activities and to start the conversation about screen time.

An amazing workshop. A lot of positivity and great ideas to help the children be active, in school and at home.  We could maybe have a healthy recipe workshop in the future.

We learnt something new today about sound, screen time and exercise.  I did find it interesting going home now to put exercise paper on fridge so we an see them.

Workshop was really useful. It would be good to have a handout at the end as a resourse sheet.

It was very informative and gave me food for thought about my childs safety on line.





Year 6 Maths Inspire workshop 



It was a very good workshop, just reminicing on my old school days with the legend himself Mr. Malcolm.

Amazing workshop.  Love working with my kid and also understand whaty they work every day.

It was an enjoyable workshop my daughter surprised me.

Very interesting workshop learnt a lot and also had fun.

A really enjoyed the Maths workshop.  Keep it up.

Amazing thanks.

Brilliant interactive workshop. really enjoyed it, thumbs up Mr Malcolm.

I really enjoyed it your a good teacher.




 Year 3 Maths Inspire





Fantastic workshop. Really enjoyed working with my son.

I really enjoyed spending time with my son. I have learnt how he does his maths and now I could help him in schoool.

Fantastic  to work alongside my daughter. Really appreciated it.  Thank you

Really enjoyed workshop and working with my child. Loooking forward to the next one.

Great Inspire workshiop in year 3. Really enjoyed it as it helps us to understand their ongoing lessons and a better understading of our child what exact level of practice they required. Thanks

Absolutely enjoyed the workshop. Loved Mrs Gregory's teaching style. She definitely makes it fun for the children to learn. Great work. Pleae keep it up. Cannot compliment you enough.  Thank you for a wonderful workshop.

I really enjoyed the workshop. It was nice to work with my child.

Really enjoyed workshops help me to learn what my child is learning.

Always lovely to learn alongside our children! Plenty of ideas for learning we can ust home too!

It was really nice to come to my son workshop we enjoyed it together.



Year 4 Maths Inspire Workshop Monday 2nd December 2019


I was really creative and my son enjoyed it. Thanks!

I enjoyed the maths inspire worksho so much. Please have one again. I enjoyed every bit of it especially on the ipads.

I alwasy try to attend the inspire workshops as I feel it is a great way to observe your child with their peers. Also great to get a taste of whaty is being taught.

I had a great time with my child at the year 4 maths workshop today, who knew maths could be so much fun! I will definitely be using the games to practicer our times tables at home.

Enjoyed working with my child. Found different methods to learn with my child. Challenging for children. Thankyou!

Great workshop, the games were really creative and entertaining for both of us. he had a great time.

Very interactive with the game playing on each table - Challenging + fun way of learning - engaging for the parents and children.

A wonderfun workhop. I had so much fun learning with my child. Staff are super amazing.

It was a fun maths workshop, but also it referred to real life! thanks









Year 5 Maths workshop 




The workshop was very nice and teacher's are very friendly and helpful. I really enjoyed today. Thank you

I love working with my daughter because I have learnt many things.

Found the inspire workshop impressive in presentation .  Understood easily the examples & found activities good.

It was great to get a chance to work with my daughter at the maths workshop. Its a good way to know what our children are learning at school. Thanks

Very useful session with the maths teacher. Thank you for your time.

Thanks it is very useful workshop for parents .

Good to see that the children are working on some complex activities. Thank you

Best Maths workshop: very easy and hard at same time. Challenged parents.

A wonderful way to come into school and work with your child.

The maths workshop was very good and very interesting. Its nice to know what your child is learning and how. Thank you

This was amazing. Thank you for the opportunity.

Very useful skills. Really enjoyable to have an idea what they are learning. Thank you

I enjoyed todays maths workshop so much.  It was a real insight into my child's maths lesson. Reading time tables.

Your a good teacher and I think the children can learn at lot of things from you.



Year 5/6 English Workshop 



It was really good to learn about Reading.   The reading tent in bedroom was a good idea. GREAT WORKSHOP.

This morning's workshop has shown me different ways to teach my kids how to read in different ways.

Thanks a lot to let us know what we will be doing with the children at home.

Great workshop! Nice to see what my child's learning in class. Good to see SATs papers and what sort of questions they get.

Enjoyed todays workshop. It  has given me some new ideas to try out. Great work Mr. A .

The reading workshop was very informative. I can see a lot of hard work is done by the teachers and we should match that at home to get a great result for our children.

It was a very  useful workshop - I learned  lots of things looking forward to more workshops like this. Thanks

Workshops are really good in helping me understand what my child is learning and how I can help them at home.

Very good. Got a lot of information and understanding on the English comprehension and the importance of writing & reading.  Also on the SATs papers.

I really enjoyed the workshop, how Mr. Ashton explained how we as parents can help our children at home to read and encourage!


Year 2 Maths Inspire 



Very helpful workshop teacher explain very good.  Looking forward to more workshops.

I enjoyed this workshop with my son having pretend money to work the sum out really helped.

It was an enjoyable workshop working with my son, he enjoyed working out the sums

Today was a good experience. It was very helpful in helping my child at home. It is also a good way to see what  they do in school. 

I really appreciated your great effort and enjoyed the maths workshop. Thank you.

Really well presented and very structured session. Useful to understand how the children are being taught and what we can do to help them at home. Thank you

It was really interesting and insightful t see how the children work with some great ideas for at home. Thank you

Really engaging, dynamic and helpful. I feel better equipped to help my child at home.

Very useful, really enjoyed working with my child.


Year 2 Parents Workshop



I enjoyed the maths workshop very much, it helped me so much to now what my child is learning.  Mrs Tariq explained everything so nicely and clearly. Thank you

Thank you for todays workshop it has helped me a lot and have understood more to help my son at home.  Looking forward to more in the future.

I found the workshop very useful. I now have a good idea of how to help my child at home.

Wow! what an inspiring workskhop it has lots of things in perspective as to how to help my child at home.

It was a brillian workshop, I learned how to make our children more confident/

Great, enlightening workshop, thank you so much! appreciate the print outs also.

I was really surprised as to what the year 2 are learning and what they are expected to know at their age. Its been a wake up call for me to work harder with my child.  I did learn a lot from this workshop especially all the new ways of working out.

I found the workshop very useful it has given me lots of ideas on how to help and encourage my child at home. It has also given me a better understanding of what my child is learning at school.


Reception Parents Workshop


Great workshop! It was a chance to meet other parents and to get to know Mrs Lawton a little better.  I appreciate the materials printed.  Thank you!
Very interesting.  A lot of information.  So useful and helpful!   Thank you!
Mrs Lawton taught a fantastic phonics lesson for parents!
Dear Mrs Lawton, I greatly appreciate your amazing support for my daughter and me.  Thank you very much!


Reception Maths Inspire Workshop 





A has enjoyed her workshop along with dad. Excellent work! Really good workshop, massive improvement in A.  Thank you!

Really enjoyed maths! It was a good and easy way of learning. I will continue at home.

The workshop was really good. I've taken away some tips in how to support my child's learning. A really enjoyed it and so did I!

I enjoyed getting involved in the different activities and getting a better understanding of how kids learn in different ways.

As you said; participating and working in partnership with the teachers makes a big difference.  Thank you very much!

The best workshop ever. Well done and thank you!

Absolutely fantastic! had so much fun. Always loved these workshops

I leaned what my child is learning at school which helps give me an understanding of what activities to do with my child at home.

Really enjoyed the workshop and it was nice to get messy for a change. Never had that at a workshop before. Thank you very much!

The teachers are doing a great job. Great progression! keep up the good work.

I enjoyed the workshop with my child, it's good to know what he learns. It was fun!

Fantastic Inspire Workshop! We had lots of fun. A favourite activity of A was counting the beads! Thank you.

Thanks to all staff in reception. It has been wonderful to mimic school day and experience my child's day.

It was so nice working with MM.  really enjoyed it! Thank you!

Great workshop! Thank you for the opportunity, we have enjoyed it a lot. Lovely singing with Mrs Lawton!








Year 5 and 6 Parents Workshop




It's so useful to learn how maths is taught now so I can support my child well. It also avoids arguments over methods when doing homework.

Maths workshop was very informative and useful for me to help my son in his final years and coming up to SATs

Excellent maths lesson I learned a lot of how maths is taught now in comparison to when I was at school.

Very helpful with learning about the test paper.  Also learning about new maths and how to help my child improve. I think this workshop should be done again.

Brilliant - It was good to join today for the maths workshop. Good work

The maths workshop was very good and very well explained.

I enjoyed this workshop and it is very har as well.

The maths workshop was really helpful and insightful. Its nice to know what our children to ghrough and how hard the teachers work.

The session maths workshop was useful and gave information on how to deal with the questions.

The session was very helpful and good in presentation.

Thank you.



Academic Year 2018-19


Maths Inspire for Reception


 It is so nice to have the opportunity to do activities with my child and her friends, and to spend some time with the other parents. These relationships are valuable as the children move through school. All of the activities are really fun, well prepared and practical.

 Very well done! Very happy with the progress my child has made.

 I enjoyed today’s workshop. It showed me what my grandson learns at school.

 It is inspiring to be here today, and I know how well my child is doing.

 I am really pleased to have attended this workshop as I now have a wider understanding of how my child is learning maths.

 Very interesting! Good skills to use at home.

 I thought the workshop was brilliant. I love all the activities you have to help the children gain an understanding of maths. I will do some of the activities at home in future.

 Enjoyed this morning. Really good how they learn through play. Really good! Good work teachers!

 The workshop was such great fun, and I really enjoyed working with my child. Can I also say the teachers are doing such a wonderful job! Thank you J

 I enjoyed working alongside my child. It gave me an insight of what and how they learn. It also helps build a partnership with the school.

 We enjoyed learning together. Nice to see how a lesson runs.

 Really enjoyed the workshop, it was fun and informative.

 Great activities and session was run well. Also, great cakes!










Year 4 English Inspire Workshop


It was a nice experience to work with my son and learn about the Spanish Bullfights.

Year 2 English Inspire Workshop 

28th January 2019

Today's workshop just illustrated the amount of pressure is on our kids to achieve the necessary standards set! However it does show how hard the staff work with our children.  So a big thankyou.

Really helpful and insightful in helping my child with reading and comprehension. Thank you.

It was very informative to know what is expected from the kids (which is too much).

Workshop was really good and helpful to understand what questions to ask.

Great workshop, really enjoyed coming and working with my child.

I really enjoyed the workshop its made me realise how they work in class and how the children learn in class.

Year 6 English Inspire Workshop 

23rd January 2019

Today's session was really good, I gained insight into my sons learning. I was able to put into prospective the importance of reading at home, including practicing his spelling.

Very Interesting and fun! learnt a lot about vocabulary and how the children are taught to extract so many words from a sentence was great. Enjoyable experience nice to revisit the Hobbit. Those were the days!!

Very informative and helpful. Definitely worth coming. Hope to have more of these workshops so we can help our children at home too!  Thank you so much.

They used very good strategies which will definitely help their reading skills and langage skills in the future.

Thank you, fantastic workshop, we really enjoyed working together. I really love the teachers energy and interaction with kids.

Thank you, it's always great to work alongside my child and see how you do it.  I'm so pleased my child is in your class, you're and amazing teacher. 

Year 2 Maths Workshop

14th November 2018

Thank you so much. It was so useful to know how it goes in the class and to know the best ways for solving, also to get inspiration to improve my daughters maths.

Today's inspire workshop was very helpful. It will hep me teach my son his homework. Thank you

A really good insight into today's learning. Its a good way to see how maths is taught today. Thank you

It a good idea arranging these workshops. It helped me understand what my child is learning in the class and it will give me ideas to practice at home.

The workshop was so helpful to the children.

I found the workshop very useful, we will continue these methods at home to help him with his homework.

Reception  English Inspire Workshop -

19th November 2018

Good  workshop, interacting with my child to see what the have learnt, need more workshops

Not sure who had more fun - the parents or the children! its great to see what our kids are learning and the creative ways that they are learnings phonics

Really enjoyed learning about Phonics and the sounds they create. Thanks for all your hard teaching.

I really enjoyed the workshop it gave me a chance to have one on one time in school with my child.



Year 5 Maths workshop

23rd November 2018

Maths Inspire workshop was really fun, the pacing was excellent.  Thank you.

I enjoyed learning with my child, I know how I'm going to help my child at home.  Thanks a lovely workshop

An amazing workshop, explained very well.  I really enjoyed the one to one time with my child.

Its been quite an eye opening experience ..... well done

It was really nice chance to know what my son is doing in maths this term.

We have had a fantastic time. I really enjoyed the prime rap! I think its a great way to get the children to learn.

We actually really enjoyed this workshop. The methods that the teacher uses are very helpful.

A fabulous workshop, I really oved how the teacher explained all the terms clearly. everything was explained very well.  Thank you so much for holding these workshops as they give a great insight into how our children are being taught.

Year 4 Maths Workshop 3rd December 2018

I enjoyed today so much.  The bingo game is fund and something I will take home with me.

It was refreshing and a struggle to do some of the activities myself.

Interesting workshop. Its nice to know how the children are taught.

*  very enjoyable    * informative   * relaxing   * well done children

Year 6 Maths Workshop on

10th December 2018

Excellent, great lesson, don't need to add or change anything.

The maths workshop was really helpful and fund I enjoyed working with my child and may I say that the teacher is doing such a fantastic job. Thank you

Enjoyable working with my son. Fun ways to learn multiplication.

I really enjoyed todays workshop especially the bingo game at the end.

Fabulous! fun and effective way to learn.

Year 1 Maths Workshop on 28th November