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Park Hill Primary

Pupil Responsibilities

School Councillors

 Every class has a fairly elected school councillor who represents their views.

Year 1


Year 2 Chase, Javell
Year 3 Kayla, Tariq
Year 4 Gabriel, Mahenoor, Rumaysa
Year 5 Kalia, Safaa Ana-Aqsa
House Captain, Adam
House Captain, Sumayyah
House Captain, Abbas
House Captain, Kaytee


Play Leaders

Year 5 pupils have been trained to become Play Leaders within the school.

This has had the following impact:

  • Raising self-esteem, self-confidence and knowledge of leadership in young people.
  • Increasing physical activity levels amongst the least active young people in school.
  • Providing opportunities for young people to work with even younger students and developing cohesion within the school.
  • Improved communication, planning and organisational skills.
Year  5 Jood, Mikayeel, Reem, Zak, Pari, Faizan, Sumayyah, Mehek, Abdirrahman, Hana, Zeyad, Mudassir



Golden Mile Monitors

Maryam, Bilal, Zoha, Shahd, Ahmed, Connor, Taeshaune, Ivy, Katie, Maisie