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Useful Links

Park Hill Primary

Year 1 Whole Curriculum  Overview 23-24

YEAR 1 CURRICULUM – 2023 - 24







Biology - The human body

Biology - Seasonal Changes

Chemistry - Materials  


Biology – Planting

Biology – Animals

Sustainability – Caring for the planet

Biology - Seasonal Changes


Biology – Planting

Biology – Plants

Sustainability – Growing & cooking

Biology - Seasonal Changes



How have children’s toys changed from the past to today?

Who was Louisa Ryland & should we remember her?

How have trips to the seaside changed for people in the U.K?


What & where are the human & physical features in and around our school?

What are the geographical features around our country – the U.K?

What is the weather like in the U.K and in other parts of the world?


‘Switched On’

Rising Stars Scheme


Using programmable toys

‘Treasure Hunters’


Filming the steps of a recipe

TV chefs’

Creating digital artwork


Creating a multimedia eBook


Creating sound patterns in ScratchJr and GarageBand


Using data to solve clues



Charanga Scheme

Hey You! - How pulse, rhythm and pitch work together.



Rhythm In The Way We Walk and Banana Rap - How pulse, rhythm and pitch work together.

In The Groove - How to be in the groove with different styles of music.


Round And Round - Pulse, rhythm and pitch in different styles of music.

Your Imagination – Using creativity and improvisation


Reflect, Rewind and Replay - The history of music, a look back and consolidation of learning & learning some of the language of music.


Complete P.E resource Scheme

Locomotion - Running 1

Gymnastics – Wide, narrow, curled

Ball skills - Hands 1

Dance - Growing


Ball skills – Hands 2 & Feet 1

Gymnastics – Body Parts

Dance – The Zoo


Locomotion – Jumping 1

Games – Understanding attack & defence

Team Building

Health & well-being


Fostering a Positive Classroom Climate



Sharing, Caring & friendship

Basic Problem Solving & Intermediate Feelings


Advanced Feelings & Wrap Up


Sculpture – Outdoor art & natural materials including clay


Artist: Andy Goldsworthy

Mark-making – pencils & paintbrushes – exploring pattern, shape & texture – drawing nature

Artists: Peter H. Reynolds (illustrator) & Paul Klee

Printing – using different colours, materials and techniques

Artists:  Yves Klein & Brice Marden


Mechanisms – sliders & levers – design & make a toy using paper & card

Food Technology – Making porridge (English link)

Structures – free-standing designing & making a picture frame

Textiles – designing & making a beach bag using running stitch


Birmingham Agreed Syllabus

Cultivating Inclusion, Identity and Belonging


Being Thankful


Being Modest and Listening to Others


Expressing Joy

Being Fair and Just


Being Accountable and Living with Integrity


Being Courageous and Confident


Being Loyal and Steadfast

Remembering Roots


Being Hopeful and Visionary


Being curious and Valuing Knowledge



Being open Honest and Truthful