Useful Links

Useful Links

Park Hill Primary

Year  3  Curriculum - Topics


Light & Shadows


Identifying Plants, water transportation & seed dispersal

Rocks, soils & fossils


Growing Plants



Eat up!

A study of healthy diet

Skeletons & muscles





Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age

A study of: late Neolithic hunter-gatherers and early farmers, Bronze Age technology and travel, Stonehenge; Iron Age hill forts: tribal kingdoms, farming, art and culture

The Roman Empire and its Impact on


A study of: successful invasion by Claudius and conquest, Hadrian’s Wall; British resistance, Boudicca; ‘Romanisation’ of Britain& the impact of technology, culture & beliefs, including early Christianity


Geography links to topic

Identifying the continent of Asia and the country of India on a world map, in proximity to Great Britain


Places & their WEATHER

around the world

Describing & understanding key aspects of: human & physical geography, including: climate zones

Geography links to topic

Identifying & locating places of known interest in Britain & abroad where stone age artefacts have been found.


Identifying & locating Australia(links to art).

The U.K & Europe

Locating the world’s countries, using maps to focus on Europe (including the location of Russia) and

understanding some key geographical similarities and differences through the study of human and physical geography


Geography links to topic

Identifying Great Britain, Italy & Rome & the reach of the Roman Empire into Europe and beyond


(Following Rising Stars Switched On scheme)

We are Presenters

Videoing Performance

(Shadow puppet show/Bollywood dance)



We are meteorologists

(*from year 4)

Presenting the weather Productivity

We are bug fixers

Finding & correcting bugs in programs

Computational Thinking


We are programmers

Programming an animation


We are network engineers

Exploring computer networks, including the internet

Computer networks


We are communicators

Communicating safely on the internet



(Following Music Express Scheme)

Animal Magic

Exploring descriptive sounds


Play it again

Exploring rhythmic patterns

The class orchestra

Exploring arrangements


Dragon scales

Exploring pentatonic scales

Painting with sound

Exploring sound colours


Salt pepper vinegar mustard

Exploring singing games


Dance–Bollywood – links to India

Matalan Cards


Invasion Games




Outdoor Ad. Activities




Invasion Games





Net/wall Games

Mini Tennis


Striking & Fielding Games



Net/wall Games





Establishing a Positive Classroom Environment &

Basic Emotions


Basic Emotions

Improving Self-control


Self-Awareness & Anger Management

Using Our Thinking Skills


Friendship & Getting Along with Others 1


Feelings in Relationships 1


Getting Along with Others 2


Feelings & Expectations


Feelings about School


Feelings in Relationships 2


Endings & Transitions


All about me & establishing phrases & vocabulary for

classroom routines & objects

Understand and say numbers 0-10.

Meet and establish common letter strings.

Participate in a short exchange greeting someone- asking and saying how you are.

Identify rhyming words in a poem.

Follow simple classroom instructions.

Explore auditory differences between un/una.

Ask for and give name.

Recognise a question form.

Christmas lesson- Nativity play/Letter to the three Kings.

Revision of numbers.

Ask for and state age.

Recognise how accents alter pronunciation.


Perform actions to Spanish Song.

Experiment with writing by producing short sentences using verb, adjective and connective.

Names of fruit.

Recognise singular and plural items and how they affect the verb.

Reflect on healthy eating habits.


Easter lesson- Spring time/Weather conditions.

Understand Spanish traditions and customs across the various regions of Spain.

Days of the week.

Join in reading a story.

Match sounds to the written word.

Re-arrange familiar sentences into the correct word order.

Months of the year.

Focus on specific key sounds and letter strings.

Identify social conventions at home and in other cultures.



Art skills linked to D.T. topic

improving mastery of art and design techniques, including drawing

Art from early civilizations

Paint: Cave Painting & Aboriginal art (painting techniques – historical art)

Historical Art

Mosaics: A Study of modern ceramics/ceramicists & Roman mosaics; designing & creating mosaics


Making Shadow Puppets

Making puppets and a theatre for a Diwali puppet show

Making a Weather Station

Use of recyclable modelling materials to create rain gauges, anemometers and weather vanes

Food Technology

Making Yoghurt &

preparing food we grow



Use of Light symbolism in faith celebrations – culminating in Diwali


Community – Creating Unity & Harmony

Community – Participating & Willing to Lead

Choice – Being Fair & Just

Choice – Being Accountable & Living with Integrity

Commitment – Remembering Roots

Commitment – Being Loyal & Steadfast

Contemplation – Being Open, Honest & Truthful

Contemplation – Being Open, Honest & Truthful


Contemplation – Being Silent & Attentive


Cultivating a sense for the Sacred & Transcendence