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Park Hill Primary

Year 3 Whole Curriculum Overview 2023-24

YEAR 3 CURRICULUM – 2023 - 24

See English and Maths for year 3 content in these subjects






 Biology - Skeletons

Biology - Movement

Biology - Nutrition & diet

Sustainability - Food waste

Chemistry - Rocks



Chemistry - Fossils

Chemistry - Soils

Physics - Light 


 Biology - Plants

Physics - Forces

Physics - Magnets

Sustainability - Biodiversity



How did life change from the Stone Age to the Iron Age?

Who were the people of the Ancient Indus Valley Civilisation?

The Romans – Unwelcome visitors?


How do rivers form and develop?

What are some of the key geographical features of the UK & Europe?

How are Volcanoes & Earthquakes formed and how do they impact human geography?


‘Switched On’

Rising Stars Scheme


Programming an animation in Scratch


Finding & correcting bugs in programs

Videoing a presentation using a green screen


Creating a series of presentations, including a narrated presentation, considering issues of trust and privacy when sharing information.


Practising research skills to write for a target audience to produce a wiki tool


Planning a survey on a topic and using the Internet to facilitate data collection. Representing and interpreting data in and from tables and charts


Charanga Scheme

Let Your Spirit Fly - R&B, Western Classical, Musicals, Motown, and Soul – Historical context of musical styles.


Glockenspiel Stage 1 -   Introduction to the language of music, theory and composition. Learning basic instrumental skills by playing tunes in varying styles

Three Little Birds - Reggae - Animals, Jamaica, poetry and the historical context of musical styles

The Dragon Song - music from around the world - Storytelling, creativity, PSHE, friendship, acceptance, using your imagination.

Bringing Us Together - Disco - Friendship, being kind to one another, respect, accepting everybody, peace, hope and unity

Reflect, Rewind and Replay - Western Classical Music and your choice from Year 3 - the history of music in context, listen to some Western Classical music and place the music from units worked through, in their correct time and space. Consolidate the foundations of the language of music


Complete P.E resource Scheme


Games -  Invasion games: Netball

Gymnastics – Symmetry & Asymmetry

O.A.A. – Communication & tactics

Dance – Wild animals

Swimming stroke improvement & proficiency

Games -  Invasion games: Basketball & Tag Rugby

O.A.A – Problem solving

Games - Striking & fielding games

Swimming stroke improvement & proficiency


Games - Net Games: Tennis

Athletics – Sprinting

Swimming stroke improvement & proficiency





Establishing a Positive Classroom Environment &

Basic Emotions


Basic Emotions

Improving Self-control


Self-Awareness & Anger Management

Using Our Thinking Skills


Friendship & Getting Along with Others 1


Feelings in Relationships 1

Getting Along with Others 2

Feelings & Expectations

Feelings about School

Feelings in Relationships 2

Endings & Transitions

MFL – Spanish

La Jolie Ronde Scheme

1.Numbers 1- 10

2.Greetings asking and saying how you are

3.Classroom instructions

4.Ask for and give name


Christmas lesson Nativity play/Letter to the three Kings

5. Revision of numbers 1 – 10

6 +7. Colours

Easter lesson Spring time/Weather conditions


5. Revision of numbers 1 – 10

6 +7. Colours


Easter lesson Spring time/Weather condition


Drawing & Painting – cultural art - Aboriginal style dot painting and composition

Artist: Aboriginal artists

Drawing & Printing – exploring using made printing blocks to repeat patterns with increasing precision

Artist: William Morris

Collage - Mosaics – Roman mosaics – appraising, designing and making own mosaics



Structures - Shell Structures

Packaging – pupil choice – sugar paper & card & art straws

Textiles – Beanbag Bugs!

Mechanisms – sliders, linkages,  levers


Birmingham Agreed Syllabus

Sharing & being generous

Caring for others: animals and the environment

 Creating Unity & Harmony

 Participating & Willing to Lead

 Being Fair & Just

 Being Accountable & Living with Integrity

 Remembering Roots

Being Loyal & Steadfast

 Being  Attentive to the sacred  as well as the precious

Being courageous and confident 

Being hopeful and visionary

Cultivating a sense for the Sacred & Transcendence