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Useful Links

Park Hill Primary

Year 5 Curriculum 2022-23

YEAR 5 CURRICULUM – 2022 - 23






Changing State - Reversible & irreversible changes

Properties of Materials

Life cycles


The Earth & Beyond



Gears, levers & pulleys


How did the Second World War impact families & life in our area?

Journeys to Birmingham

What was the legacy of the Ancient Greek Civilisation?


How is land used in Bournville & how has it changed?

What are the main threats to our environment? The human impact on our planet

What are some of the key geographical features of North America & how do they compare with a UK and European locality?


‘Switched On’

Rising Stars Scheme


Developing an interactive game using sequence, selection, repetition and variables


Code-breaking - using semaphore and Morse code understanding encryption


Creating a virtual space developing familiarity with a simple CAD tool & exploring a

 3-D environment


Developing a website



Creating an interactive, multimedia adventure game


Experimenting with virtual and augmented reality



Charanga Scheme

Livin' On A Prayer

Style: Rock

Topic and cross-curricular links: How Rock music developed from the Beatles onwards. Analysing performance.

Classroom Jazz 1

Style: Jazz

Topic and cross-curricular links: History of music - Jazz in its historical context.

Make You Feel My Love

Style: Pop Ballads

Topic and cross-curricular links: Historical context for ballads.


Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Style: Hip Hop

Topic and cross-curricular links: Option to make up (compose) own rap or words to the existing rap, that could link to any topic in school, graffiti art, literacy, breakdancing and 80s Hip Hop culture in general. Historical context of musical styles.

Dancing In The Street

Style: Motown

Topic and cross-curricular links: The history of Motown and its importance in the development of Popular music. Civil rights.


Reflect, Rewind and Replay

Style: Western Classical music and your choice from Year 5

Topic and cross-curricular links: Think about the history of music in context, listen to some Western Classical music and place the music from the units you have worked through, in their correct time and space. Consolidate the foundations of the language of music.


Complete P.E resource Scheme


Gymnastics - Counter balance and counter tension

Invasion Games - Football


Invasion Games - Netball

Health related exercise

Games – Invasion games: Tag Rugby & Hockey


Net Games - Badminton

O.A.A – Orienteering



Athletics – Running

Games – Striking & fielding: Rounders and cricket

Dance - Greeks




Getting Started and Introduction


Managing feelings and anger

Goals and identity


Making and keeping friends

Being responsible and caring for others

MFL – Spanish

La Jolie Ronde Scheme

The High street-Appreciate similarities and differences between Spanish and English high streets.

Directions- Memorise and present two or three sentences describing a high street.

The High Street: Asking for places and understanding basic direction

Lessons 8- 14

Members of the family- present a short role play

introducing family members, asking

and answering questions

Ask and answer questions about family members- acquire cultural knowledge about family life in Spain/re-order words to form a short, simple sentence

Pets- understand simple rules for converting singular nouns into plurals

Revision- read some familiar words and

phrases aloud with accurate

pronunciation/ write simple sentences, adapting

a model

Easter theme- write simple words and phrases using a model and some words from memory

Lessons 15-20

Become familiar with the layout of

a simple bilingual dictionary

Hobbies- Identify a common sound in a list of verbs/ read and understand a short paragraph with familiar vocabulary and structures

Follow and understand an interview between two speakers talking about hobbies

Transport- know the names of some major airports and ports in Spain/ see images from Spanish cities

Weather expressions- understand different possibilities for travelling abroad

Clothes items for packing a suitcase- pack an imaginary suitcase for a holiday, labelling a drawing


Painting – Still life and composition

Surrealism Collage - creating collage with a variety of media, e.g. paper and magazines - using varied techniques, e.g. overlapping, tessellation, mosaic and montage.

Sculpture – Greek sculpture


Structures - Bridges

Food technology – ingredient sourcing

Mechanisms - Gears, levers & pulleys


Birmingham Agreed Syllabus

Creativity – Expressing Joy


Creativity – Being Thankful


Contemplation – Being respectful & Self-Critical


Contemplation – Being Curious & Valuing Knowledge

Community – Being Modest & Listening to Others


Community – Cultivating Inclusion, Identity & Belonging


Compassion – Being Merciful & Forgiving


Compassion – Being Regardful of Suffering

Choices – Living by Rules


Choices – Being Temperate,

Cultivating Self- Discipline & Contentment


Creativity – Being Imaginative & Explorative/Appreciating Beauty