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Park Hill Primary

Year 6 Whole Curriculum Overview 2023-24

YEAR 6 CURRICULUM – 2023 - 24

See English and Maths for year 6 content in these subjects






White Rose scheme

 Biology - Living things and their habitats

Physics - Electricity

Sustainability - Renewable energy



Physics - Light

Physics - Light pollution

Biology - The circulatory system

Biology - Diet, drugs and the life cycle

Biology - Variations

Biology - Adaptations

Biology - Fossils


What was the impact of railways on national and local life?


What & when was the ‘Golden Age’ of Islam?


Where in the world is Kensuke’s Kingdom?


How has the use of land changed in Norfolk & what will it look like in the future?


‘Switched On’

Rising Stars Scheme


Coding and physical computing


Mastering algorithms for searching, sorting and maths

Creating a yearbook or magazine

Using digital sources to produce a print product


Developing skills for social media

Creating a short television advert


Learning about artificial intelligence and machine learning


Charanga Scheme

Happy – What makes us happy? Video/project with musical examples


Classroom Jazz 2 - Jazz, Latin, Blues - History of music - Jazz in its historical context

A New Year Carol – Benjamin Britten (Western Classical Music), Gospel, Bhangra - Literacy and history,

The historical context of Gospel music and Bhangra


You’ve got a friend – The music of Carol King

Music & me –


Reflect, rewind & replay - Western Classical Music and choice from Year 6 - history of music in context - Western Classical music and place the music from the units worked through, in their correct time and space. Consolidate the foundations of the language of music


Complete P.E resource Scheme


Games – Invasion games: Basketball

Dance: carnival


Games – Invasion games: Hockey


Health Related exercises

Gymnastics – Matching & mirroring


Games – Striking & fielding games: Rounders


Getting back into PATHS


Study/Organisational Skills

Conflict Resolution


Theme of Respect



Ending & Transitions

MFL – Spanish

La Jolie Ronde Scheme

Classroom routines


Clothes vocabulary


Family members



Phrases and adjectives


Una ventana/ una piscina


Repetition requests


Alphabet/stalling strategies

Days of the week


Months of the year


Verb 'ir'


 Printing - Mono printing


Cultural art – Japanese collage and drawing

Textiles – embroidery – Islamic patterns – using a range of stitches


Mechanical systems, gears & electrical motors – design and make a vehicle to carry a small load


Electrical/computer control systems - how to program a computer to monitor changes in the environment and control their products


Birmingham Agreed Syllabus

Living by rules

Being fair & just

Creating unity & harmony

Creating inclusion, identity and belonging

Remembering Roots

Being Courageous & Confident

Responding to Suffering

Being Merciful & Forgiving

Expressing Joy

Appreciating Beauty

Being Curious and Valuing Knowledge

Being Reflective & Self-Critical